Welcome to the Homepage for my courses! My name is Trevor and I will be your professor for the year.

I hold a B.A. in Honours Sociology from King's and an MBA and PhD from the Richard Ivey School of Business. My areas of teaching and research include corporate and not-for-profit governance, strategic management, and international business. I have published papers in academic journals as well as practioner oriented materials. I have also been invited to present to such organizations as The Conference Board of Canada, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, and the London Community Foundation.

As a management professor specializing in improving board performance and effective governance, it is vital that I work with the boards of businesses and not-for-profit organizations to practice what I teach and research. In this capacity I frequently provide governance consultation to organizations such as the London Economic Development Corporation, Trudell Medical Marketing Limited, Anago (Non) Residential Services, Russell Reynolds Associates,  Merrymount Family and Children Centre, Ontario Waste Management Association and Try Recycling among many.  I am actively involved in our community through my work on boards of many non-profit organizations.  I am currently chair of the governance committee for the Middlesex London Board of Health, a member of the Governance Capacity Building Committee (formerly Governance Advisory Committee) with the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies and a member of the board of the King's University College Foundation. I was formerly a member and chair of the board of directors of the London Small Business Centre, a member of the board of Youth Oppotunities Unlimited, a member of the board of directors for the South-Western Region of the Institute of Canadian Directors and co-founded and was vice-chair of the board of Airshow London. 

The purpose of this site is to direct you to the sites for your specific courses. These sites will provide you access to all the materials you will need for your class. In an effort to save paper and allow you to access them when and if you need them, I will provide viewable and downloadable versions of all the materials I use in the course.

Course Websites:

BUS 1220E

MOS 2285: The Global Business Environment 

MOS 4404: International Enterprise

MOS 4410: Strategic Management

MOS 4422: Corporate Governance

MOS 4470 Management and Organizational Theory

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Here are links to my most recent publications:

Hunter, T. 2010. A world of experience: A board perspective on CEO succession in an era of globalization. Russell Reynolds Associates white paper.

Hunter, T. & Bryant, M. 2010. BP and Public Issues (Mis)-Management. Ivey Business Journal, September/October 2010. Also appeared in Economist Intelligence Unit - Executive Briefing, November 5, 2010

Hunter, T. and Bryant M. 2008. The Globalization of Canadian Corporate Leadership: 1987 – 2007. Russell Reynolds Associates white paper.

Hunter T. & Bansal, P. 2007. How standard is standardized MNC environmental communication? Journal of Business Ethics, 71: 135-147.

Bansal, P. & Hunter, T. 2003. Strategic Explanations for the early adoption of ISO 14001. Journal of Business Ethics, 46: 289-299.

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