MOS 2285

Trevor Hunter
Associate Professor of Management
King's University College


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MOS 2285

Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) 2285a/b examines the forces affecting businesses as they enter and operate in global markets. Students will learn theories and techniques which will help them understand how businesses decide where and when to enter markets and what makes a given location a good fit for their operations. The objective of the course is to introduce MOS students to the context of internationalization and the centrality of the multinational corporation (MNC) to the phenomenon of globalization.

This course represents an analytical bridge between a firm’s decision to internationalize (which is a strategic decision and analyzed in MOS 4410a/b) and a “how to” course on actually managing the internationalization process (MOS 4404a/b).  MOS 2285a/b asks and then helps answer the question “now that we have decided to internationalize – how do we determine the best place to go?”  The decision as to how to internationalize is dependent upon where the firm intends to go.  The decision whether to internationalize is often made without the understanding that not every country is a good fit with the needs of every firm.  This course provides analytical tools to gain that understanding.

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Session 1: Course Introduction, What is Globalization?

Session 2: Analyzing Global Industries, Assessing Country Attractiveness

Session 3: Entering New Markets