MOS 4404

Trevor Hunter
Associate Professor of Management
King's University College


Unusable Presentation Organization List


This course will teach you the skills and theory related to the main aspects of managing a multinational corporation.  Multinational corporations (MNC) are the driver of the pervasive force in our world today: globalization.  In this course you will learn how to manage the complexities of international business and multinational operations at a strategic and practical level.

As recently as ten years ago, the study of international business was though of as a novel idea but was not required in a business degree.  That notion is dead.  International business is how the world works.  Multinationals are everywhere.  If you intend to work in any business and do not understand the goals, difficulties and ways to succeed in international business your business will fail.

One can look at the study of international business as the end of a continuum, which follows classic internationalization theory.  Businesses generally start small and rely on their local environment for sales and inputs.  As they saturate their local market, they seek domestic customers that are outside of their locality yet still in the same country.  As they grow even more, the next step is generally to export or import goods or raw materials to another country.  Eventually, if the company is successful the firm will grow until it has operations around the globe.  Understanding and developing the optimal management organizational structure, sales system, raw materials acquisition and processing processes and logistics, human resource practices, and government relations issues and management for a company operating in multiple society jurisdictions is far more complex than the understanding needed to run a small, one-location domestic enterprise.  Thus, just as the growth of a company culminates with its becoming a multinational, your business education growth culminates with this course on how to manage them.

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