MOS 4470

Trevor Hunter
Associate Professor of Management
King's University College


Unusable Presentation Organization List

The objective of the course is to provide students with a survey of relevant theory regarding the design, management and function of organizations.  Further, we will examine the relationships between the four main components of proper organizational design: the organization's environment, its goals, strategy and structure.  Students will learn concepts and analytical tools to see how vital alignment of these four components is, how to identify misalignments and how to make specific recommendations to bring them back into alignment.

This course will be somewhat philosophical in nature focusing on four main questions:

1. What is the environment telling the organization?
2. What types of goals should the organization have?
3. What type of strategy will best allow the organization to achieve its goals?
4. What type of organizational structure will best allow the organization to implement its strategy?

Following a seminar format, students will be expected to take a leadership role in the presentation of this course.  Students should be prepared to complete and discuss the readings in class, bring outside materials and experience to the classes and lead discussions.  We will not follow the typical lecture/case discussion format of most MOS courses.  We will use the readings as our guide but rely on our own insight as we try to understand these fundamental social entities and their operations.

The table below provides access to the materials presented in class: